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Networking Nordic Attorneys

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 6:59 AM

For those interested, here is a quick tip for legal networking options in the Nordic countries:  LinkedIn’s group, "Nordic Lawyers and other Legal Professionals." 


LinkedIn continues its meteoric climb in the social media field, specifically directed at connecting business professionals.  As to the Nordic Lawyers group, they have both professional and personal links, remarks, discussions.  The language of postings is what have you: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English. They all work.


You will find the main group at: http://www.linkedin.com/.  They are also beginning a new blogger-assembly project, through blogspot.  For those interested, and to begin to connect, here is that link: http://nordiclawyer.blogspot.com/.  


As always, to better networking, understanding, harmonization and the rule of law,



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