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Buying Property Overseas - The Siren Call

Posted on March 31, 2011 at 3:34 AM

As the world gets ever smaller, and nuclear reactors seem to be ever-more-present, it is time to re-visit a topic I wrote about some time back for Escape Artist Magazine, an online publication found at the interesting and informative website,



I take my blog headline from Greek mythology in which a creature described as half bird and half woman lured sailers to their doom with her sweet singing.   Also variously described as sea nymphs, the sirens live in rock outcroppings along the beaches, causing the destruction of ships sailing in too close. Odysseus was smart enough to have himself tied to the mast of his ship to avoid their sweet enticements, while his men plugged their ears with wax, all in their efforts to avoid being drawn in by these tantalizing babe magnets.


We all know, too, that the sirens still exist.  Walking every non-radiactive beach in the temperate world, of course.  And so, as northern Spring thaws re-awaken our sense of eternal youth and adventure, we head out again, around the globe, to find that perfect spot. 


Here's a link to the article I wrote, and I hope you enjoy it. It still sounds quite current to me, and so I decided to re-introduce it through my blog.  Ten Ways to Lose Your Property Overseas Without Really Trying:   http://www.escapeartist.com/efam/78/10_Ways.html


As for Alice, Pippi and Peer, the update is simple:  they're all doing fine back at home,  have not yet recouped their investments, but surround themselves with work, family and friends, and continue their eternal travels.

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