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The Enemy Within

Posted on July 24, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Commentators are already writing well-composed responses to the tragedies that have engulfed Norway in grief, disbelief and sorrow since the 22nd of July, 2011.  And it will be weeks before the tears of the nation are dry.  However, when the tears have dried, the anger will be ripe, and that energy must be channelled to effect changes - changes that will prevent, as much as possible, a recurrence of such a senseless tragedy. 

On the agenda will, I'm sure, be some of the following, not all of remark to date:

  • stricter security for access to public buildings
  • widened closures of streets in sensitive and historical neighborhoods (without 10 years of debate resulting in the street remaining open some few final weeks)
  • increased police presence (everywhere, especially in the inner cities)
  • improving police response procedures (they can show up when called some thousand times)
  • required police process times
  • securing social services to the mentally ill
  • reducing isolation of the mentally ill, required reporting of suspect psychotic behavioral traits and patterns instead of isolation and looking the other way
  • improved social and medical service levels for the mentally ill
  • ridding public debate of poor excuses for inaction on significant infrastructure maintenance and updating of public buildings, standard operating procedure in this rich nation
  • securing the borders in more effective ways, such that illegal immigrants are not overrunning Norway without remorse and with complete impunity 
  • assuring that illegal drug and weapons distributions are stopped to Norway
  • investigating individuals who claim the need for automatic weapon ownership through Norwegian gun clubs, or stopping such ownership rights altogether
  • securing tighter controls over police identification falsification
  • improved overall terror response management plans
  • requiring non-church-based professional psychological teams be the key resource in personal response actions

Well, now, this list is subject to future updates.  We've got some work cut out for us.  It will be very interesting to see what Norwegians actually 'do' in response to these tragic events.  But right now, there are no words to describe the loss and pain.  Norway's public servants mowed down at their desks.  Norway's bright future of youth, mowed down at their summer retreat, their place to become, their place to plan how to bring Norway into a bright and rosy future.  Only questions. Questions such as:

  • why
  • how

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