Here's a peek into my world Here's a peek into my world Hello from the 'home office.' Greetings from my home office, looking towards Oslo. 36613366 View of office/atelier on the bay I also have an art atelier and private office on the bay below our home. 36613367 The Semsvannet lake, near our home We enjoy the Semsvannet area near our home, where we run and hike. 36613368 Skiing in the Mountains This is Hemsedal, Norway, our favorite skiing area. 36613369 Fresh fish, anyone? Catching fresh fish for dinner makes a summer night rather special. 36613370 A Summer morning Here's our cabin beach on a summer morning. 36613371 Sundown on the Drammen fjord Discover the beauty of Norway by visiting, for work or pleasure. 36613372 With My Husband My husband and I met in 1998 in Chicago. Here we are at Shirley Heights, Antigua, on our honeymoon. 36613373 Some of the family windsurfers Windsurfing is a longstanding family tradition in this household. 36613374 Small towns dot the fjord's shores View of Svelvik, Norway on a summer night 36613375 My father My father was raised on a Norwegian farm in Iowa, and was a doctor & surgeon in Chicago. During WWII, he was a U.S. Army Air Force pilot in the Asian theater. He flew his own planes (and Harleys) for fun and lived a wonderful long life, healthy and independent until the end. He died in 2009. 36613376 My mother My mother was an officer in the Navy in WWII, had a professional singing career with the Grant Park Symphony Chorus, over 25 years in the Chicago Symphony Chorus, and several years working in the administration of the Chicago Symphony's summer Ravinia Festival. She enjoyed an active retirement and died in 2015. 36613377 I make words work for you. "When I make a word do a lot of work like that," said Humpty Dumpty, "I always pay it extra." -from Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll, Ch. 6. 36613378 I provide my services worldwide. My husband and I have enjoyed working in China and Eastern Europe on several trips, and enjoy travelling the world for pleasure and discovery. 36613379 Greetings to you! Where ever you are, across the miles, greetings from Norway, and welcome to my web site and services! 36613380