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June Edvenson holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law, where she focused on the study of the Property Law and Environmental Law curricula. She graduated in 1993 with the Bar & Gavel Award and awards for Best Paper in Art Law (Stolen Art on Federal Lands) and Natural Resources Law (Biodiversity Issues in Predator Control).  

She began her legal practice in 1994 as an environmental law Hearing Officer for the Illinois Pollution Control Board in Chicago.  

She was a candidate for Illinois State Representative in 1996, from the Oak Park-Maywood district, and received the endorsements of both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times newspapers.  She was a candidate for Circuit Court Judge of Cook County in 1998, receiving over 300,000 votes in the general election, despite not achieving the judgeship. She accepted a promotional position to public health Administrative Law Judge for the state of Illinois in Chicago in 1997.  

She moved to Norway during the winter of 1998-99 to join her fiancee, Hans.  They were married at the Drake Hotel in Chicago in February, 1999, and live in Norway. 

 June holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in English from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and worked on a Minor in Sociology.  She worked towards a Master's (M.A.) degree in English at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale before beginning work in regional planning at the Greater Egypt Regional Planning Commission.  She continued her work in grant programs and research at the SIU-School of Technical Careers.  She later moved to Springfield, Illinois to work for the Illinois Office of the Auditor General, Performance Audit Division, where she excelled.  While there, she completed a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Legal Studies at the University of Illinois -Springfield, graduating with Honors in 1984.  

June taught both high school and college level English during her pre-auditing years, and worked for several years as an external and internal auditor, researcher and writer, both in Illinois and in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She is the primary author of many government reports on a wide variety of topics including plastics technology, architect-engineer contracts, construction industry management and operations, public health services, public financial administration, cash flow auditing and accounting, and health insurance contracting.  She left her auditing profession to take a position in legal administration at the state of Illinois, overseeing negotiations between hospital CEO's and the state attorneys regarding the prices to be paid for Medicaid services for Illinois patients.  This resulted in savings to the state of Illinois in the hundreds of millions of dollars over a period of 6 years. 

 June left state employment in 1990 to attend law school.  She played an active role at the law school as editor of the newspaper in her second and third years, and graduated at the top 25% in her class.  She is the sole author of the law review article, "Predator Control and Regulated Killing - A Biodiversity Analysis," UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (University of California - Los Angeles), Volume 31, page 13 (1995).  

June is also a former RealtorTM and former member of the Chicago Association of Realtors, where she specialized as a Buyer's Agent.

June completed a certificate program in International Legal Practice with the College of Law of England and Wales in June, 2006.  She is now a Fellow of the International Bar Association.

June completed her Master's degree in English literature at the University of Oslo in 2008.  Her thesis, entitled "Poetic Technique in Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate" is available through Duo, and is also downloadable at the English page of this website.

June's article on Sustainability and the Law was published in Germany in 2013.

She taught English at the Norwegian School of Management through 2014, and continues teaching online to private business persons entering the Norwegian business market. 

Her current consulting work involves assisting Americans overseas as a tax preparer for their filings with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. She had Tax Law in law school, and has taken IRS-sponsored training over the years. She maintains continuing education credits annually, some through the IRS and many through her CLE requirements as an actively licensed attorney. These include various courses concerning professional responsibility, ethics, tax law developments and other legal areas.

She is also writing for hopeful publication.


She and her husband make their permanent and cabin homes on the coastline of the Oslo and Drammen fjords.

June has been a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association (London), the Association of International Professional Business Women, Oslo, the Grieg Society, the American Women's Club of Oslo, the International Forum in Norway and, more recently, the Association  for the Study of Literature and the Environment.

She maintains a separate art business enterprise, Asker Atelier, where she enjoys drawing, painting and photography. 

Special Notes About My Consulting Services

 In general, the work is the product of June Edvenson.  Edvenson Consulting and Edvenson Legal are registered in Norway as an "enkeltmannsforetak," a sole proprietorship in Norway.

Edvenson Legal coordinates with other legal professionals to provide legal information,  access to appropriate legal services, and access to specialized legal professionals. 

Legal work performed by June Edvenson is an attorney work product, subject to standards concerning professional ethics and confidentiality.  June Edvenson is an actively licensed American attorney, in good standing, licensed in the state of Illinois.  Legal work is performed only in accordance with applicable Illinois state and U.S. laws.

Legal Services Disclaimers

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Notice regarding advertising limitation applicable for attorneys licensed to practice in the state of Illinois:   

 Please note that the Illinois Supreme Court does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law (Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct 7.4 (c)(2)).  Awards, certificates, and recognitions are not required to practice law in Illinois.  (State licensure by the Illinois Supreme Court is required.)

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 Determining whether you need legal services, and deciding whom you should choose as a lawyer, are important decisions and should not be based solely upon advertisements or self-proclaimed expertise.  My description of my direct legal services, as well as any referral or co-counsel arrangements we come to, should not be perceived as suggesting that any agency or board has certified us as specialists or experts in an indicated field of law, nor does it mean to suggest that we are necessarily any more or less expert or competent than any other lawyer.  Selecting a lawyer is a personal decision.  Potential clients are urged to make their own investigation and evaluation.  I will do my best to provide sufficient information on my experience, services and referrals in order to assist the potential client in that decicionmaking process. 


A notice requested to be included per the Internal Revenue Service:

 The IRS does not endorse any particular individual tax return preparer.  For more information on tax return preparers, please go to www.IRS.gov.



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