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Personal Rights and Confidentiality

When you are my client, your personal information and related security rights are protected by me by law.  These include confidentiality protection under the Professional Code of Conduct for attorneys actively licensed in the State of Illinois, as well as other state and U.S. federal personal information protection laws.  I also follow the requirements of the Norwegian personal information protection law (Personopplysningsloven, the Personal Data Act of 14. April, 2000, Nr. 31) administered by the Datatilsynet, Norway.


My private office is located at Leangbukta 46, 2. etasje, Vettre, Norway, 1392. I am available there only by appointment at this time, in part due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I also have home office capability, used more nowadays due to Norway's advice to work from home during the pandemic when possible. I am easily in contact with all of my clients by e-mail, and encourage them and prospective clients to use e-mail to contact me about all matters. This is secure and works well for everyone.


Feel free to send me a brief inquiry by e-mail. 

  • My preferred e-address is: juneedvenson@gmail.com.  
  • Send attachments if any in .doc, or .pdf format only please.
  • I will try to respond to you within 24-48 hours on regular business days and during normal business hours.
  • An initial e-mail reply by me is free of charge.  This will probably provide you with some guidance on your question, and help you to determine if you will use my fee-based services.


I do not have a secretarial service and manage my phone time consistent with my work activities, which include teaching and consulting services.

If you are already a client of mine, we may speak by phone. If you call and I don't answer, please leave a voicemail. If you are a client and leave a voicemail, I will respond, probably by e-mail.

In Norway: (+47) 95 05 95 57

In the U.S.: (850) 376-1541.

If you are a potential client and insist on an initial phone conversation, I will insist on obtaining your billing information and will plan to bill you for that time and schedule a specific time in advance for that phone call. (That can be arranged by e-mailing me.) This is a consequence of the fact that many people 'just need to ask me a couple questions.' I am no longer available for that level of service without a pre-scheduled and billable arrangement.

Do NOT send me text messages about work. I do not use the SMS or text function for work-related discussion. They do not meet my records maintenance or work documentation standards. Please use e-mail exclusively to inquire about any work.


If you are sending documents, I request they be sent as .doc or .pdf file format - or as scans as an attachment to an e-mail. This is related to the lack of security in posted information as well as recordkeeping needs at my end, which are simplified and made more secure by receiving information in digital file formats. 

Word format documents are fine to send me. Scanned pdf documents by e-mail are also fine, especially when multi-page documents are sent as one file per set, and all pages are rotated for consistent direction and easy viewing. Please send scanned pages in .pdf format. Do not 'cheat' on page edges or multi-page sets - send all parts of the page and send ALL pages.

Do NOT send me links to your documents and information 'in the cloud' as these do not meet my own business documentation and conservation standards. I will always inform you if your documents must be improved in some way before I can use them properly:  it is best to try for 'hard' file copies that are very clear and easy to save off-line in standard formats.

Do NOT send documents by text message to my phone number. Do NOT send passwords to my phone number.

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