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English Services

My English language services include the following:

  • Teaching Business and Legal English
  • Teaching Insurance and Accounting English
  • Teaching Intercultural Communications, Negotiations and Presentations
  • Editing Existing English Materials:  Theses, dissertations, articles, reports
  • Analyzing Manuscripts:  Theses, dissertations, articles
  • Personal Consulting:   Consulting in written and spoken English 
  • Creative Projects:  Upon request

You want to improve English usage for business or pleasure and seek assistance, either for your company or as an individual.  

My background includes years of education and experience in pedagogical methods. 

These methods, combined with my personal approach, are designed to help you achieve the results you seek while 'enjoying the voyage' to better English understanding and usage.

Learning and enjoyment should go hand-in-hand with challenge and success. 

Teaching Online

I am teaching online, providing online, real-time lessons with audio and video support. Feel free to contact me for a quote and to discover how educational, effective and enjoyable online learning can be. 

Interested? You are welcome to inquire! 

Educational Experiences I Offer 

Ask me for a proposal for your next company English course.  Then, compare my offer to the competition:  you'll be pleasantly surprised, both before and after the course, workshop or seminar.

Click here to see the custom courses I currently offer on contract: Custom Courses Offered

English for the Legal Secretary

              • Developed for the Hjort Law Firm in Oslo 
              • Evaluations excellent 
              • This course can be customized as to length and the areas of law practiced in your firm. 
              • Sample materials package available upon request.

EC Publications

Here, you will find references to some of my larger writing projects. I have links for some here. My two most recent papers are not yet published. although I am working on assuring that they will be soon. 

All are copyright: June Edvenson.

"The 'Tragedy of the Commons' & Sustainability 'Red Threads' in the Language of International Environmental Law & Human Rights Law," a paper presented at the 11th Interdisciplinary Symposium of the Research Network, European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communications (EUKO, 2011), 9-12 November, 2011, Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus, Denmark. (An updated version of this paper is scheduled for publication in 2012.)

"Metaphors in International Human Rights Law," a paper presented at the 3rd International Conference in the 360? Conference Series, Encompassing Knowledge Asymmetries, 6-8 May 2010, Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus, Denmark. 

 "Insolvency and InsuranceIndustry Concerns: An Overview of General Legal Concerns in the International Context," prepared for presentation to students in the Insurance program, BI, Norwegian School of Management, November, 2009.

"Missing Links in International Child Visitation Law:  Joint Custody and Due Process," GP Solo Law Trends & News, Family Law section, September, 2007, American Bar Association Newsletter.  Here is this article:  Missing Links

Poetic Technique in Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate, ©June Edvenson, 2008.  Here, I share my Master's thesis, completed this past Fall at the University of Oslo, Norway.  I did most of the coursework for the degree years ago at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  Here is the Abstract.  Here is the thesis.  Feel free to send me your comments on this.  Should you wish to cite it, I would appreciate being informed.

The ALJ:  The Administrative Law Judge, ©June Edvenson  - This book is based on my employment with the state of Illinois as an attorney - first as a hearing officer for the Illinois Pollution Control Board in Chicago, and later, as an administrative law judge with the Illinois Department of Public Health in Chicago.  It takes a look at the cases, hearings, as well as the people - both those with the public good at heart, and those secretly scheming for power and arguably-illegal personal agendas. 

English for Everyone: 101 Tips,  © June Edvenson  - This is designed for the non-native speaker, as a fun ESL text, for use in developing confidence with English for purposes of meeting, greeting and discussing with English speakers around the world. The book is specifically designed for a multi-cultural global audience.

Farmor's Penger, © June Edvenson   -   This is the story of an elderly Norwegian woman whose illness and failing health cause her to lose her ability to prevent her daughter from stealing most of her money before she dies.  This robbing of the estate is common in Norway.  This is a true story. 

The Peace Prize Sonnets, ©June Edvenson    -   This is a set of sonnets based on the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and includes at least one sonnet for each winner. The Nobel Peace Prize is presented in Oslo each December. I have written these on and off over several years and expect to complete the set in 2022.

Collected Poems 1990-2005, © June Edvenson   -  This is a 40-page selection of poems I wrote during this period of my life.  My first published poem was published in 1976.

Other writings:  - You will find an updated list of my business writings at the Background and References page of this website.  Here is a link to that page: http://www.edvensonconsulting.com/backgroundreferences.htm

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