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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do your clients use most?

 In Spring and Summer, clients need my tax reporting services most.

This work carries over through Summer for Americans who have filed extensions.

In Fall and Winter, I am working on writing projects and teaching part-time. 

I have a small amount of non-tax legal work at any time of year, based on the client's needs.

What tax services do you provide?  And which do you not provide?

I provide IRS personal income tax form preparation. I do original filings, and I do amended filings when persons need to have their original filings amended, due to receiving an IRS notice letter, for example. I can only do an amended filing if I can see the original filing.  I also do follow-up with the IRS if it appears reasonably clear that an error has occurred in their processing of a U.S. tax issue.  This can include seeking to have tax withheld returned to the filer.

 I do these personal income tax returns for American citizens who live and work overseas, outside the U.S. If someone lives in the U.S., their forms are done somewhat differently, and they should use a U.S. provider. I specialize in the foreign income forms for American individual filers.

I am no longer accepting non-Americans as clients - for example,  who have US tax withheld from US income and are seeking to have that refunded to them: please look at IRS listings for another preparer to assist you.

I do not do ITIN application forms, although I can refer you to a reputable Acceptance Agent on request from you.

I do not do FBAR foreign account forms for my tax clients - my clients do their own FBAR reports, as it is a secretarial sort of job and is done directly online by the individual.


Question:   What do your services cost? 

I am usually charging by the hour, depending on the type of work. You’ll find my rate sheet at my web-page on Payments.  First, my out-of-pocket costs are usually paid for as part of the job. Occasionally, I negotiate an hourly rate or a fixed total for the job at hand. However, usually I am able to use my standard rate sheet, which is hourly.  


Question:   What are your career goals? 

I would like to get some more of my written work published, both in the area of academic scholarship, and in the area of literature and poetry.  I chisel at several projects as time permits. 

Question:    How do I work with you if I want to use your English editing services?

On a custom basis, of course, which means a personal basis:  you call me and we can meet or discuss the job.  I estimate the time it will require, and get back to you with a proposal.  We work out an estimate of the cost together. I then do the work according to your time frame, and provide you with a suggested draft.  This can be in the format you prefer - usually, that means e-mailed Word documents, which are sent back with track-changes showing. I work on it, based on your preferences, text, format, and schedule.  It's direct, it's simple, and it meets your needs completely and easily.


Question:    What about your legal services?  Do you practice law in Norway?  How does that work?

 I do not practice Norwegian law in Norway.  However, it is now becoming possible to work pro hac vice, representing someone in Norway, alongside a Norwegian attorney.

I am currently authorized to practice American law and am actively licensed as an attorney.  Generally, I give American and international legal advice in a number of topical areas, and recommend resources for clients to use to inform themselves more fully. 

 I also provide case management and legal administration services to Americans who live in the U.S. and have difficult cases ongoing in Norway.  


Question:  Do you work in Norwegian?

 Yes and no.  I have taken Norwegian, and speak and write Norwegian. I have also taught basic Norwegian to foreigners moving to Norway.  As for myself, I use it with Norwegians, both in my editing work and in correspondence as needed.  I understand almost all spoken Norwegian, although I don't consider myself a master of this language. 

Question:   So, you are a business in Norway? .... and pay taxes where?

 I am registered as a business enterprise in Norway, under the names, Edvenson Consulting, and Edvenson Legal.  I also have an affiliated art business.  I am an American citizen with permanent residency permission granted in Norway, due to my marriage to a Norwegian citizen.  I therefore have full work permission in the EU and EØS countries, as well as having full work permission in the U.S. as a U.S. citizen.  I have some U.S. income, depending on the project.  I report my total world-wide income to Norway, and am taxed for my total income in Norway at Norwegian rates.  I also report my annual world-wide income to the IRS, as an American citizen overseas.  My U.S. source income is taxed and reported in the U.S., of course. My total income is therefore reported to both countries, and is, generally, subject to the provisions of the Tax Treaty between the United States and Norway.