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American Legal & Tax Services

Basically, mine is a 'boutique' law practice focused on providing American personal income tax reporting and follow-up services to Americans who live and work overseas. Tax reporting is done through my professional preparer status to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

I also engage in attorney referral services (in Norway to Norwegian attorneys) and I assist Americans when they have legal issues in Norway - in particular in cases of child visitation and custody between mixed-nationality parents when one parent is Norwegian and one parent is an American citizen not living in Norway.

My legal career now spans 26 years. I have been an environmental law hearing officer and a public services administrative law judge. My legal work in Norway began 22 years ago and has involved the following:

General Research & Advice

-Information concerning many U.S. legal institutions and legal subject areas

-Information concerning many international legal organizations, standards, rules and regulations

-Specific information on International Human Rights obligations and treaty rights and duties.

American Tax Return Services

-Personal Income Tax Forms: I am qualified and recognized by the IRS as a personal income tax return preparer. I hold an active PTIN number, which is required. I also participate in continuing legal and continuing tax education to maintain my current qualifications.

-I prepare U.S. personal income tax forms for Americans overseas, filing with the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S..

-I offer personal income tax advise and consultations to Americans overseas as to their related duties and responsibilities.

-I work with the IRS in cases of conflict, file amended returns and perform research and follow-up services as needed.

-Notes: (1) I do NOT provide FBAR-reporting/consulting services: Americans overseas can consult with the IRS directly. Reporting is done by individuals online directly. (2) I do not advise on Norwegian tax documents or process.

Personal Legal Representation and Business Consultation

--Referrals & Affiliations: Coordinating with local attorney services in the 50 United States to provide clients with in-state U.S. legal services

-Arbitration & Mediation: Advising you on mediation and conducting mediation sessions for you or your clients

-Legal Administration: Legal case management, case tracking & case monitoring of both US and Norwegian court cases based on client need.

Notarial & Document Services

-Witnessing legal and testimonial documents for certification or signature authentication (ex: London's Companies House documents)

-Referrals for U.S. will and health care directives

Note: I am NOT a U.S. notary public. If a U.S. document requires notarial services, contact a notary public in the U.S. state involved or the American Embassy in your country of official residence.

My Areas of Legal Work & Legal Interest

June had her article, "Sustainability in Law:  The Tragedy of the Commons & Red Threads in Business Communication," published in Germany in the book, Sustainability in Business Communications / Nachhaltigkeit in der Wirtschaftskommunikation (VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, June, 2013). 

In it, she reviews the predisposition of various types of law to foster environmentally unsustainable business practices, identifying red threads in recent research, policy and practices that begin to address global direction and responses.

June's areas of legal work have included the following:

  • Illinois and U.S. environmental law and pollution control law
  • U.S. Natural resources law
  • International environmental resources law
  • Real estate and property law - U.S. purchase and taxation concerns
  • Inheritance Issues for Americans Overseas
  • Tax Implications for Overseas Filers with Inheritance and Investments in the U.S.
  • Tax Withholding Resolution with U.S. Employer Re: Author's Royalty Proceeds in the U.S.
  • Land Trust Research and Draft Land Trust Agreement in the U.S.-Suggested Forms and Considerations
  • Elder Law - Elder Care Issues for Overseas Americans with Loved Ones in the U.S.
  • U.S. Citizenship Issues for Americans Living in Norway
  • Norwegian with U.S. Citizenship - Issues Regarding Citizenship Revocation
  • Application for Access under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction: U.S.- Norway
  • Online purchasing dispute involving PayPal and E-Bay
  • Request for assistance in filing a complaint against a Norwegian attorney (2 cases)
  • Coordinating filing and administration of a case in Norwegian domestic courts re: child visitation and joint custody
  • Legal Requirements for Relocation to Norway of Retiring Couple from the U.S.
  • Legal and practical requirements for property ownership and management in Norway
  • Visa options for immigration from Egypt to the United States - Practical planning and achievement needs 
  • International publishing contract language advice and review
  • Breach of contract & professional defamation - Memorandum of Law & Fact,  referral work for identification of appropriate local counsel in the U.S.
  • Pension legal issues concerning non-Norwegian widow of a Norwegian deceased
  • Credit card fraud - impersonation of a spouse:  liability exposure issues.
  • Credit card debt - liability for standard credit card debts of a deceased spouse
  • Insolvency concerns for the insurance industry - general legal context
  • Contract language request: indemnification clause analysis and proposal
  • Contract language request: international arbitration agreement
  • U.S. personal income tax analysis: amended filings - ongoing work with several clients
  • Attempts to enforce American rights in Norwegian courts re: child visitation order compliance
  • Investigation of American title to property in Norway, fraud-in-inducement & forgery reporting
  • Translation & authentication service: report on Norwegian banking and financial records for review by U.S. authorities
  • U.S. IRS personal income tax forms preparer
  • U.S. IRS Acceptance Agent for T.I.N application purposes
  • Research double-taxation of U.S. pension between Norway and the U.S.
  • Financial and bank-reporting responsibilities of Americans living and working overseas
  • Follow-up of fraud-in-inducement of Norwegian to invest in non-listed U.S. company; multiple cases of e-mail-initiated fraud-in-inducement
  • Mediation of visitation schedule for non-resident American parent with resident Norwegian parent re: shared custody.

Please see Legal Service Disclaimer required by law, located at:  Background & References.

This page and website illustrate what can be considered "Attorney Advertising," a required statement, and is consistent with guidance for attorneys offering legal services through their websites.


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     If you need to have your hand held while I do your tax return, please find another (legal PTIN) provider

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