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Contact Details

  • For more information about my services, e-mail me at:

    • Due to excess demand, I currently accept inquiries from potential clients only by e-mail.

  • Note: As an actively licensed American attorney, I must include certain information on this website:

    • This site may be considered "attorney advertising." 

    • The information provided on this website is not providing legal advice.

    • The information on this website does not create a client relationship. 

    • Direct contact with me and request for my services may result in a confidential client relationship.


Welcome to my services!

Payment Details

Here is my latest schedule of Rates for Services. These rates are effective from January, 2024. This listing is kept current:



You can pay for EC services in the following ways. Please inquire if you have a preference:

  • pay online or pay by mail,

  • pay cash at time of services,

  • pay with a check in U.S. funds,

  • pay by online bank transfer in Europe and Scandinavia,

  • pay by credit card using your PayPal account.


You may also wish to negotiate payment terms:

  • an invoice voucher payable within 30 days of services rendered,

  • an agreed payment plan, or

  • other credit terms we arrange in advance.


For those who delay payment to me beyond a reasonable period, I work with the firm, Totalinkasso, in Norway, to collect.  Costs of collection including interest are passed on to the client. 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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