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My Services

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U.S. personal income tax return preparation

I offer professional U.S. federal tax return preparation services to Americans living in Norway. I also refer especially complex work and non-Americans to other legally registered U.S. return preparers with the needed specialities in the United States. 

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International and Legal Consultation

I offer international and legal consultation to Americans seeking to exercise their international rights in Norway. I am fielding a variety of questions on important personal and family issues on an ongoing basis, and can refer you to persons in the Norwegian system who can assist, or give you related direction to those in the U.S. who can guide you further.

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Writing and Teaching

I have taught English in Norway for several years, and edited materials for Norwegian companies needing professional English assistance. This has included technical and legal writing topics, academic writing, and English language instruction. Whether you need help editing your English or instructing professional staff, I can assist.

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Contact Us

If you are in need of U.S. tax preparation, legal consultation, or English writing and teaching services, don't hesitate to inquire.  I look forward to advising you.

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