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Welcome to Edvenson Consulting

I am an American attorney

  •  living and working in Norway,
  •  writing for publication, and
  • working with the U.S. tax return filing needs of American citizens who live abroad.

Ask me about: 

  • doing your U.S. personal income tax return if you are an American living overseas
  • assisting you with your U.S.- Norway legal consulting needs or referral to Norwegian attorneys
  • teaching legal and specialty English courses for you or your company - on site or online.

I work to meet your related needs with personal, professional and quality service.

  -June Edvenson

I am currently providing the following consulting services

  • For more information about my services, e-mail me at: juneedvenson@gmail.com
  • Due to excess demand, I currently accept inquiries from potential clients only by e-mail.
  • Note: As an actively licensed American attorney, I must include certain information on this website:
    • This site may be considered "attorney advertising." 
    • The information provided on this website is not providing legal advice.
    • The information on this website does not create a client relationship. 
    • Direct contact with me and request for my services may result in a confidential client relationship.
Welcome to my services!

Global Services: From Norway to you - wherever you are

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  • It's 2023 - Happy New Year!
  • The 2022 U.S. return filing season will begin this Spring. Thanks to the many Americans who trust my work in this area. It's actually great working with you!  
  • Persons learning of their U.S. return filing obligations are doing catch-up return sets at any time of the year. 
  • Good news:  The IRS has announced it has hired several thousand new customer service staff with a focus on, among other things, better phone assistance and responsiveness. Thanks, President Biden! 
  • During the winter off-season, I continue to take on new clients, and I remain Norway's only IRS PTIN-registered U.S. return preparer. I'm also working with a partner in the states who assists me with new demand for services for Americans in Norway.

Don't be scammed!

The IRS release a lit of  'Dirty Dozen' tax scams each year. You will find the latest one at www.irs.gov. Here is a recent list:  https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-unveils-dirty-dozen-list-of-tax-scams-for-2020-americans-urged-to-be-vigilant-to-these-threats-during-the-pandemic-and-its-aftermath

In 2021, they added to that list. From their advice, I suggest focus on these:

-Do not take verbal (non-wriitten) tax return form advice from anyone who does not hold an actively licensed and registered PTIN.

-DO DEMAND the PTIN number of persons who wish to give you US tax return advice. Keep copies of their statements for your records. Report unlicensed actors.

-Do not be 'warned into' filing forms you do not owe to the IRS.

-NEVER just show your US tax return to anyone who asks to see it. There are VERY LIMITED circumstances when you would need to show your US Return to anyone.