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American Attorney Services

for Americans in Norway

Edvenson Consulting

U.S. Tax Return Preparation and Consulting

My Services

June Edvenson offers PTIN-registered U.S. personal income tax return preparation services for Americans living in Norway.  She also provides legal consultation services on various international and U.S. concerns.

June holds a Bachelor's degree in English with teacher certification, a Master's degree in Legal Studies graduated with Honors, a Master's in English, and the Juris Doctor degree in Law. She holds a Certificate in International Legal Practice from the College of Law of England and Wales, and was named a Fellow of the International Bar Association.


Dedicated to providing personalized and professional services to help clients meet their obligations with the greatest ease and care.

My Background

June has been a Research Project Manager, an English teacher, performance auditor, environmental law attorney, pollution control hearing officer,  and a public health administrative law judge.

She has authored many government reports, taught intercultural communications in Norway's business colleges, written for publication and worked with hundreds of clients in her evolving career.


In Norway since 1999, she also now devotes more time to her art, photography and poetry.  

My Clients

My consulting clients have included important companies in Norway.

However, I now work primarily directly with American citizens in Norway, including dual citizens, as well as some Americans abroad in other nations. 

I can advise and refer non-Americans to services they may need in the United States. 

My work has helped folks see their children, save their money, and plan their futures.


My return services help them navigate their obligations by providing them with efficient and effective U.S. personal income tax return filings.

About Edvenson Consulting

Edvenson Consulting is a sole proprietorship established in 1999 and  registered in Norway.  June Edvenson is an actively licensed American attorney, and actively licensed PTIN-registered IRS return preparer.  June's work in Norway has included teaching English and Norwegian, doing English editing, providing translation services, conducting research for legal article authorship  and publication, providing U.S. tax return preparation services, and providing supportive legal consulting services regarding American issues in Norway courts.


What's Happening Now?

  • U.S. personal income tax returns for Americans in Norway are done based on the tax treaty between these two countries. This can differ from other nations. 

  • Americans in Norway should get their U.S. information by Jan.-Feb., while they get their 2023 Norway information by late March.

  • I plan to distribute my 2023 information questionnaire on March 19. 

  • If you owe 2023 U.S. tax, you should pay that by Monday, April 15, 2024 - even if you are filing your return later than that.

  • If you're interested, do inquire now.

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